In the recent years, more and more smokers have started using e cigs as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. This is because many people have discovered the benefits of using an e cigarette. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a reliable supplier of e cigarettes and related accessories.

Why Buy From us

We are an established and trusted supplier of electronic cigarette products in the UK market. We have built our brand and business over the years by supplying original products to customers in different parts of the country in a timely and cost effective manner. Our website is designed to make it easy for potential customers to navigate the pages, find the preferred e-cig product, place an order and pay for the item. Our website also has state of the art security features. It uses a sophisticated encryption technology that ensures safe transmission of sensitive information such as credit card details and personal information to ensure privacy. We can be contacted 24/7, meaning that you can always reach our customer support agents whenever you experience a problem or need clarification on an issue.

Why use E-cigs

Smoking regular tobacco cigarettes has many disadvantages. The only thing that you are seeking when smoking cigarettes is nicotine, so there is no need of inhaling dozens of dangerous chemicals. Smoking regular cigarettes can be very inconvenient or even illegal in some places. For instance, you cannot smoke in public places, airport terminals, railway stations, schools, offices and almost every other place. On the other hand, e-cigs can be used anywhere. This is because they do not pose a health risk to non-smokers. People who smoke numerous cigarette sticks on a daily basis normally spend a lot of money on cigarettes. When you switch to using e-cigs, you can make up to 70 percent savings.

We sell starter kits at pocket friendly rates. The batteries that come with each unit can last several hundred puffs without recharging. Whether you like menthol or any other flavour, you can get the right refills from our site. After paying for the order, you can expect it to be delivered within 24 hours depending on your location. We use delivery services that are quick and reliable, so you will get your electronic cigarettes without delay.


Some of the things we deal in include atomizers, batteries, chargers, wick and wires as well as different types of e liquids among other things. You will find starter kits and advanced kits from different manufacturers. If you have a favorite brand, you can find advanced kits to fuel your healthy smoking habit. If you are already using eletronic cigarettes, we can help you find rechargeable batteries for your device. Most devices can just be plugged into a laptop or charges that have USB ports. This means that they can be charged at any time conveniently because USB ports can be found almost everywhere.

The eletronic cigarettes that we sell feel exactly the same as regular tobacco cigarettes in terms of size, weight and flavour. The only difference is that users inhale nicotine vapour instead of smoke. The dangers of cigarette smoking are normally due to the burning of additives such as tar and a wide range of other dangerous chemicals. This is eliminated when pure nicotine is inhaled as a mist or vapour.

The e-cigs that we deal in have been tested in UKAS laboratories, and have been approved for use in the British market. For all your e cig needs, consider buying from us. We offer quality products at incredibly low prices. We also deliver within the day, but this may depend on your location.